The new inexpensive model “Core (White)” appeared in the professional “Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2” – Released September 21 (Game Spark)

[Toutes les 4 images + 1 vidéo]Low-cost professional model with parts replacement and adjustable operating feel

While maintaining functionality, the “Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series” comes with various spares and adjustment parts easily obtained by shrinking attachments, and has a rubberized grip that supports button mapping. 2″ (19,778 yen), this “Core (White)” retains the functionality of the core controller, with a white base color, and various attachments called “thumb adjustment tools”. Focusing on the “cable USB-C”, the price is 14,278 yen, about 5,500 yen less than the model sold since 2019. Also, by purchasing the “Complete Component Pack”, which will be sold separately for 6,578 yen on October 6, 2022 , the same customization as the black model will be possible Xbox Design Lab will also be available this holiday season Xbox Elite Wireless is available in the “Xbox Design Lab”, a service that allows you to order original Xbox controllers in different colors and designs , rubber grips and metal finishes, etc., which is being developed in Japan. It was also announced at the same time that the Controller Series 2 would be joining us this holiday season. The “Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core (White)”, d have the release is scheduled for September 21 and which is easy to get, will be available on this Microsoft Store for 14,278 yen. The “Complete Component Pack” is available for pre-order on this Microsoft Store for 6,578 yen.

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