Top 10 ranking of “famous fried rice restaurants in Hokkaido”! 1st place is “Ramen Shingen Minami 6-jo”[Au 6 septembre 2022 / SARAH](1/5) | Netorabo Research Team

A gourmet community service that allows you to post reviews for each restaurant menu「SARAH」is a service that creates “encounters” between users and attractive dishes from all over the country. Articles featuring recommended restaurants by cuisine based on user contributions are also published, and it is gaining popularity because you can come across delicious dishes that you did not know before.

This time, with the cooperation of such a “SARAH”, we will introduce “the popular fried rice in Hokkaido”. Rankings are based on user ratings and other metrics as of September 6, 2022.

(The source:SARAH “Recommended Popularity Ranking of Fried Rice in Hokkaido”

・In this article, Twitter defines “Granting user rights and content rightsWe use tweets based on.
・May include closed stores and menus that have been discontinued. Please check the official store website for the latest information.
・Since the ranking changes from time to time based on users’ postings, the contents of the ranking at the time of writing the article and the actual ranking may differ.

No. 2: Oden Shichifuku Shokudo (fried rice)

Second place is“Oden Shichifuku Shokudo (Fried Rice)”has been. “Oden Shichifuku Shokudo” is located in the underground shopping mall of Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal in Chuo Ward, Sapporo City. Although the name of the restaurant includes “oden”, it is actually famous for its fried rice. The restaurant’s “fried rice” is a simple dish made with orthodox ingredients such as eggs, onions and pickled ginger. I am happy that it is full of volume and excellent for cost performance.

No. 1: Ramen Shingen Minami 6-jo (fried rice)

The first place is“Ramen Shingen Minami 6-jo (fried rice)”has been. Ramen Shingen Minami 6-jo is a ramen shop located a short walk from downtown Sapporo, Susukino. Since its opening, it has attracted attention as a popular store where queues are inevitable. Among them, the signature menu “Shinshu (rich miso)” has a reputation as the royal road of miso ramen, and many enthusiasts go there every day in search of its taste. “Fried rice” is also a popular menu item at this restaurant. It is a dish that is characterized by its deep richness and fragrant flavor that is cooked with the seasoning, and goes well with ramen.

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