‘Top Gun Maverick’ Surpasses ‘Titanic’ in UK to Rank Ninth in History, and ‘Two-Sword Style’ Ranks First in US Theaters and Distribution | THE RIVER

We continue to set records all over the world.best sniperBut he did it again. Cumulative UK box office earnings topped ‘Titanic’ (1997).riceVarietyreported.

In its 15th week of release in the UK (September 2-4, 2022), “Top Gun Maverick” grossed £81.6 million. It topped ‘Titanic’s £80.3million, rising to 9th place in British history.

In the United States, the film surpassed the “Titanic” record in its seventh week of release. He is already ranked fifth in United States history. Ranked #1 at the weekend box office in its 15th weekbloom againHe shows incredible tenacity.

It’s a return to the top spot as digital distribution has already begun.riceIndieWireAccording to the company, US digital distribution also won first place (September 5) on all major platforms such as “iTunes”, “Google Play” and “Vudu”. As for the United States, Top Gun Maverick is currently demonstrating its dual strength in theaters and distribution.


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