Urawa Gakuin’s Yuta Kaneda and Itsuki Takayama Submit Professional Application, Kokushikan’s Tenta Ogasawara | Full Count

What do you think of Kaneda as an infielder who also throws in relief and as a professional?

On the 6th, Japan High School Baseball Federation updated the list of applicants who submitted professional application forms on their official website. Urawa Gakuin (Saitama) infielder Yuta Kaneda and wide receiver Itsuki Takayama, who advanced to the quarterfinals of Selected Koshien this spring, recently joined the team, bringing the total number of submissions to 35.

Kaneda is participating in Selected Koshien this spring, and his attractive batting average is .647 in four games. I mainly hit the 3rd and defended the guerrillas. Sometimes he goes up to the mound as a relief and has pitched a total of four games in Koshien, last summer and this spring.

Takayama is a left-handed receiver with strong shoulders. In the selection this spring, he appeared in four games and recorded a .357 batting average and a home run.

In addition, Kokushikan (Tokyo) right-handed fast pitcher Tenta Ogasawara also submitted.

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