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Nogizaka46’s Aya Ogawa will appear on the radio show “Recommend!” There was a scene that rebelled against the treatment of the members.

Aya Ogawa rebelled against the way she was treated by the members

Aya Ogawa Model Press (C)
Aya Ogawa Model Press (C)

In the same program, “Nogizaka 5th Generation Festival” will be broadcast from the 7th to the 4th week. This time, the first time, Ogawa, Kazu Inoue, and Arno Nakanishi appeared.

When the three talk about each other’s personalities, Inoue voices Ogawa as “everyone’s little sister among the 5th Generation members”. Nakanishi said, “Aya is very friendly and is loved by all 5th Generation members.”

Nogizaka46 5th Generation Model Press (C)
Nogizaka46 5th Generation Model Press (C)

In response to Nakanishi’s statement, Ogawa reported, “Recently, I rebelled against Arno and Ichinose Misora, who is also a 5th Generation member.” As for why he decided to rebel against them, he laughed and said, “Recently I thought, ‘They’re a bit persistent’ because they’ve been treated like babies.”

Inoue also confessed that “Aya’s rebellious period is a statement system.” From what Inoue heard from Ichinose, he had predicted the rebel period, “Tomorrow, the rebel period Aya will come.” And demonstrated the younger sister of the 5th generation. (modelpress writing)

Information: Nippon Cultural Broadcasting

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