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Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said the company is not considering requiring employees to return to the office due to the remote work model in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

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“I’m not thinking too much about going back to the office,” Jassy said onstage at the Code 2022 conference in Los Angeles on Sept. 7. The host was Kara Swisher.

Jassy acknowledged that some aspects of video conferencing, such as team building, are becoming more difficult than face-to-face interactions, but said most departments continue to work in a hybrid or remote fashion.

“At the end of the day, what we need is to deliver the right results to our clients. Whether we’re working remotely or in the office, we understand that has to be our number one priority. We test things and we We’ll consider next year.” (Jassy)

Meanwhile, tech giants Apple, Google and Twitter are all asking employees to return to the office at least a few days a week in 2022.

Jassy also shared his thoughts on the healthcare industry today.

recentlyTermination of Amazon Care Medical ServiceRegarding the decision, Mr. Jassy reiterated Amazon’s position that it cannot grow its business as a business with online medical consultations and home medical appointments. On top of that, he added that there is still potential for services that offer home visits, but there is a need to determine the appropriate business model.

Amazon is moving to a streamlined model for its primary care services with its Amazon Pharmacy service. It recently agreed to acquire One Medical, which offers in-person clinic appointments as well as telehealth. One Medical’s model, which allows patients to book 30- or 60-minute appointments, will help improve healthcare, Jassy said.

“If there’s one customer experience that needs to be reinvented, especially in the United States, it’s healthcare,” Jassy said.

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