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[Commentateur préféré]chosen by 3000 people turned out!  Who is the lawyer who won first place ahead of Akira Ikegami and Toru Hashimoto?

Journalist Akira Ikegami finished fourth

There is no end to the news that disturbs the world every day.Ukraineinvasion,Unification Churchby a facilitatorsexual abuseReport. Explain them in an understandable way and sometimes pursue them fiercelythe newsor big showcommentatoris. It is said that the degree of attention will change according to their feedback. A television producer says:

“The most important thing in news programs is the viewership rating, but recently the archive has become popular and it is difficult to understand the frank reactions of viewers. When the content of a person’s comment becomes an article online with no lag, a lot of people come to see the archive as a trigger. Then there’s also the feeling that “I want this to become a hot topic and get published in more articles.” commentators who can make comments that become a hot topic on the internet are extremely helpful to the program.”

Under such circumstances, this magazine obtained the ranking materials of “liked/hated commentators” interviewed by a major advertising agency.

What emerged was an honest viewer’s assessment rather than a harsh commentator.

The one who won the first place in the high rating ranking appears in “Hiruobi”Hideki Yashiro. Taking advantage of his background as a former judge and international lawyer, he has been a commentator for many shows, starting with “Sunday Japan” (TBS series) in 2004. Although his right-wing remarks stand out, “I like the way he answers most questions in an easy to understand way, and even though he is an intellectual, he asks the experts from the audience’s point of view.” (44-year-old daughter), “Korea, China, Russia, I’m talking about the stress most Japanese people have.”

Second place is a lawyer and former politicianToru Hashimoto. Appearing in “Mezamashi 8”, I feel like he often goes up in flames… “Beyond the content, the words you say are powerful” (59-year-old male), “It’s refreshing to see the experts refute what is difficult” (42-year-old man). The nakedness of her tongue seems to grab the hearts of viewers.

The 4th place is familiar with the election special program, former reporter and reporter of the NHK press officeAkira Ikegami. “broad! Scramble” guest commentator. Easy-to-understand explanations are popular, such as “Mr. Ikegami’s explanation alone increases persuasion” (28-year-old female) and “Theory construction is brilliant” ( 31-year-old man).

What stands out is that six sports personalities are ranked.

The best was a former professional baseball player who came in 3rd.Kazushige Nagashima. “For a while it was familiar as a young boy character, a shitty character, but it seems like the deviation from the image so far has led to high votes,” a rep said. an advertising agency.

Ranked 10thShuzo Matsuoka. “You can feel the sincerity of the players. They bring out the true intentions of the players and the hardships they have gone through” (33-year-old woman).

Also, the former Hanshin Idaten, 8th place.Norihiro AkahoshiFormer Japan national football team in 18th placeAtsuto Uchidaetc are classified. “It’s rare for former professional baseball players to be able to comment outside their area of ​​expertise” (35-year-old male) and “I watch different sports other than football” (19-year-old male). They seem to be able to report on sports other than the competitions they have entered, and their more specific comments are appreciated.

An ad agency executive says, “To be accepted by viewers, you need a ‘spread’ in the right direction.”

“In recent times, commentators who appear in TV news and news programs are required to be entertaining rather than specialized. In addition, it seems that viewers feel a disconnect between somewhat “natural” characters, like “I can comment off the cuff”. , and tend to rank high. Highly specialized commentary is required. For such programs, the needs shift to BS and distribution systems.

* 3,000 people were randomly selected by gender and age from pre-registrants on the internet, and were asked to list 3 commenters they liked and disliked, and totaled 1st = 3 points, 2nd = 2 points , 3rd = 1 point.

( FLASH weekly September 20, 2022

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