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Akio Takahashi, former principal of Toyo University. He was loved by everyone for his friendly personality which matched his smile.

Former manager of Toyo University, a powerhouse in the Tohto University Baseball League, which had a total of 542 winsAkio TakahashiAkio Takahashi died on the 7th. was 74 years old.

Takahashi was born on June 8, 1948 in Saitama Prefecture. After working at Toyo University in Omiya Engineering, he worked as a catcher at Nissan Motor. In February 1972, in his first year as a member of the society, he was appointed director of his alma mater at the age of 23.

Since the team’s first victory in the fall of 1976, they have achieved 18 Vs in the tough league called “Sengoku Toto”. From the spring of 2007, he led the team to five consecutive championship titles, the first post-war, and in 2008 he won four crowns, including the university championship and the Meiji-Jingu Games.

He won the college championship four times and won the Meiji-Jingu Games twice, making Toyo University a powerhouse in the world of college baseball. In 1040 Premier League matches, they have 542 wins, 476 losses and 22 draws, with a winning percentage of 50%, 3 minutes and 2 rins.

He advocates baseball on a large scale and prioritizes player development over immediate victory.Mitsuo TatsukawaWhereShinjiro HiyamaTakayuki ShimizuHe sent over 40 players to the professional ranks. Gifted with a friendly personality, he was also beloved by the media. Meibaku, looking good with a smile, left for heaven.

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