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Aiming to strengthen “Soviet-style socialism” fails

Gorbachev, the last leader of the former Soviet Union, died on August 30 at the age of 91. In the six years and nine months since he assumed the post of General Secretary of the Communist Party (March 1985) until his resignation as President of the Soviet Union following the dissolution of the Union Soviet (December 1991), he left a rich record of This is a feat that will go down in history.

In November 1989 the Berlin Wall came down and in December of the following year declared the end of the Cold War with US President George W. Bush (Sr.) on the island of Malta. In March 1990, he abandoned the one-party dictatorship of the Soviet Communist Party and became the first Soviet president. In October of the same year, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. In July 1988, then-Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone visited the Soviet Union and met Mr. Gorbachev. Three years after his flagship policy of perestroika (restructuring), Mr. Gorbachev, whom I had seen up close, had a powerful impact.

On the other hand, the conservative Communist Party protested against the drastic reforms, and in August 1991 a coup was launched. Although the rebellion ended in failure, political authority was lost. In December of the same year, Gorbachev resigned as Soviet president after three republics, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, forced him to break away from the Soviet Union and establish the Commonwealth of States. independent (CEI). The Soviet Union collapsed.

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