Fujii Souta Ryuo appears in AMD brand ad – PC Watch

AMDannounced on the 8th that Sota Ryuo Fujii, who is active as a shogi player, appeared in the company’s brand advertisement.

In 2016, Ryuo Fujii became the youngest professional player in history (14 years and 2 months), and set the record for the most consecutive victories in official matches (29 consecutive victories). Since then, he has broken numerous records as the youngest player to win general shogi tournaments, win titles, rank promotion records (excluding 5th dan), and double and quintuple titles.

Ryuo Fujii has been using AMD’s “Ryzen Threadripper” processor for some time to improve his shogi skills through phase analysis and game simulation using AI shogi software. By using AMD products, AMD’s attitude of continuing to challenge title after title and AMD’s corporate philosophy of continuing to contribute to people’s lives and work through technology were matched, leading to an offer to appear in brand advertising.

This time, AMD created a special landing page and posted advertisements on the web, making videos, interview videos, and more. starring Ryuo Fujii.

In the statement, Ryuo Fujii said, “I am an AMD user myself, so I am very honored to appear in AMD brand advertising. I look forward to becoming a presence that finds a ‘new next move’.”

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