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Hiroshi Abe who attended the event just before the broadcast of

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actorsHiroshi Abeattended the drama “Because I Forget Everything” pre-release event held in Tokyo on the 8th with Chara, Kankuro Kudo, and director Yukiko Sode. Come to think of it, I revealed that I go to the cemetery these days.

This work, which dramatizes an essay of the same name by Cinder, is a mysterious and bittersweet love story about “her” who suddenly disappeared on Halloween night. It will be the first distribution job as Japan’s Disney Plus “Star” original drama series, and will be distributed sequentially from Japan to the world.

Abe plays the protagonist, the mysterious writer “M”. To date, the casting for the lover “F” that M is looking for has not been lifted.

During the event, a letter from the cast who played F was read by the moderator without revealing her name. Regarding casting for the role of F, Abe said, “I’ve worked with him before” and “She’s a brilliant actress.” It was built like a story, so it was really interesting,” he commented.

Also the movie “swallow tailThis will be her first video work in 26 years since ‘, and she will appear in a drama for the first time. In addition to that, he talks about the role of Kaoru, the owner of the “Bar Lighthouse” that M played in this work, “I’m happy to be a role who loves music.”

When asked, “Which place do you visit when you think, like the lighthouse for M?”, Abe confessed, “Recently, I go to the cemetery.” He continued, “Aoyama Cemetery. I’m fine,” he confessed.

Then Chara also agrees, “Aoyama Cemetery is nice, isn’t it?” “I never went to a cemetery to compose,” he said, adding that he loves cooking.

Drama”I forget everything“the teeth,disney moreDelivered on “Star” from September 14.

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