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Honda released a new ad in conjunction with the start of pre-orders for the new “ZR-V” SUV

On September 8, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will launch a new “ZR-V e:HEV” NEW Honda SUV” commercial to coincide with the start of pre-orders for the new “ZR-V e:HEV” SUV. was posted on the website.

The new “ZR-V e:HEV” SUV is a mid-class SUV with a distinctive design and a newly developed 2.0-liter sport e:HEV which is the first SUV to be equipped with an exhilarating driving experience and comfortable. Honda Sensing’s safety, ground clearance, high vantage point and viewing comfort unique to an SUV, a sedan’s driving posture provides a relaxed drive. All types are equipped with 4-wheel drive, which makes it possible to drive comfortably and confidently in various situations.

The song in the new commercial is a cover of Yosui Inoue’s famous song “East to West” by artist LEO Imai. It expresses an intelligent image and a driving experience that gives confidence and leisure.

The ZR-V e:HEV expresses the high-quality and intelligent image of the ZR-V e:HEV by comfortably driving through the beautiful landscape of the magic hour while offering an impressive exterior appearance. The beautiful images and powerful music draw the viewer in, while the driving experience that gives them confidence and leeway creates an excitement that makes them want to be one step ahead of themselves.

[ZR-V e:HEV]”New Honda SUV” WEB trailer (15 seconds)

Special message from LEO Imai

──We would like to ask your impressions of being in charge of the music for the new Honda commercial “ZR-V e:HEV”.

LEO M. Imai: I am very happy. I am grateful to Honda and the creative team at CM for entrusting me with my voice and my sound.

──How do you feel about Yosui Inoue’s song “East to West”?

LEO M. Imai: When I first listened to this song, I was particularly impressed by the line “holding my breath on the festival train”, but the whole song is full of lyrics and immediacy that are strongly linked to the current era. Thinking that this song was made half a century ago, I feel the power of the lyrics and the song.

──How did you feel when you covered “East to West”?

LEO M. Imai: Since I was entrusted with the arrangements, I think I was able to be myself more than I imagined. First, I was drawn to the lyrics of the original song, but the phrase “gambare” caught my eye, and the lyrics were something I wouldn’t have written myself. In the end, I realized that I had to sing for myself and everything became clear. In this sense, it was a fresh and pleasant experience with many discoveries.

──What did you pay attention to when arranging the music, what points did you focus on in the finished music?

LEO M. Imai: I tried to inject smoky rock and drive into the song while keeping the vibe and emotion of the original song.

──Are there any episodes that stood out to you, like behind-the-scenes stories from the days of arranging and recording?

LEO M. Imai: I have recorded with members of LEO IMAI who produce their own albums and perform live for more than 10 years.

──How did you feel when you saw the finished ad?

LEO M. Imai: Clear and powerful rock sound. A car that drives well and the atmosphere of the urban landscape. When these two elements were combined, I roared in my heart. I was a little excited.

──LEO Imai, what do you think of the relationship between cars, driving and music?

LEO M. Imai: The music you listen to while driving or moving has a special feeling.

Profile of Mr. LEO Imai. A singer-songwriter who cuts the daily life of a city without a state from alternative music. The literary and experimental style is full of the perspective of a VISITOR who has lived in each city. Active as a member of TESTSET from spring 2022

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