“I have a headache.

Dora 1 Sumida loses 4 points in 4 sets by KO… The worst draw of the team 9 consecutive defeats

Lotte Seibu (7th, Belluna Dome)

2nd place Seibu, chasing leaders Softbank with a winning percentage of just 1 cent, suffered a crushing 1-7 loss to Lotte on the 7th at their home ground, the Belluna Dome. Rookie pitcher Chiichiro Sumida, the left-handed pitcher in the starting pitcher’s first draft, hit two homers and allowed four runs in the fourth inning by knockout. It was the 9th loss (1 win) of the season, and it was the 9th straight loss in the team’s worst tie record. Softbank also lost to Rakuten that day, so the game difference didn’t change, but there was some concern over the starting pitcher’s handling of the remaining 16 games.

Sumida, who sent with high expectations, suddenly hit 4th Yamaguchi with a 3-point preemption in the first inning. Hits and walks made them 1st and 2nd, and the cut ball from the first pitch was brought to the left wing post when it entered center. “I wasn’t in a position to throw a hitter who was throwing anything on the first pitch. It was also unfortunate that Inoue made a change midway through the 3-2 count to the left wing seat as a solo No.5 while easily taking 2 deaths in the 3rd inning.

“It was a very important game for the team and for me. A southpaw who was expected to win in double digits this season in his first year, he has a powerful ball down the fastest straight of 148km so far- there, and there are several balls breaking, but there is no denying that he is full of sweetness. It became the result of a double-digit loss.

Still, manager Tsuji said, “I think he’s really worried because he’s in his freshman year. I have to take advantage of it from next year.” Additionally, in the game against Orix on the 8th, pitcher Katsunori Hirai, who has already been traded to the middle, will start for the first time in two weeks. Originally I would like to leave pitcher Tatsuya Imai, but on August 26, in the 10th inning against Orix, after giving up a good pitch of 144 balls and 2 runs in the 9th inning, he participated like “I don’t can’t get rid of my fatigue” (Director Tsuji). Cancellation of player registration. The commander says, “I’m still not (in a state where I can start).” If Imai can’t throw, Sumida and Hirai should start next week. Without thinking, I said, “I have a headache. It’s a trial.

Currently, Seibu’s starting lineup is led by pitchers Mitsunari Takahashi and Dietrich Ens, who have already won 10 games, and pitchers Kaito Yoza and Wataru Matsumoto are stable. But coming here, one or two last pieces are missing. Amid the rarely-seen big battle for victory, how will the leaders allocate starters in the irregular playoff schedule? I hope Sumida and Hirai play a good saver throw, but…

(Hirohisa Miyawaki)

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