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Classification and announcement of “uppun” in love!
Bananaman, Yuki Himura, Tetsuro Degawa
Magnificent artists such as Snow Man and Daisuke Sakuma appear!

Calbee, a confectionery company that everyone has eaten at least once
Hakone: No. 1 Hot Spring Ranking for 15 Consecutive Years
Everyone’s favorite reaction artist in Japan “Tetsuro Degawa”
Three big announcements from “Ai no Uppun”! !

On TBS, starting at 8:00 a.m. on September 7 (Wednesday), “I like you but let me tell you Ai Uppun ranking! ]will be broadcast. This hierarchical program that arises because of overflowing love, like “I love you, but only here is a little…” and “I love you, but let me tell you this!” It is a tiered variety that will be advertised to.

The main panelist is Yuki Himura (Bananaman) and the studio guests are Erina Arai, Kie Kitano, Daisuke Sakuma (Snow Man), Tetsuro Degawa, Shinobu Hasegawa (Sisonne), Miki Fujimoto and Shingo Yanagisawa (*in alphabetical order). I will pick you up and I will send you. TBS announcer Manonko Hibi will lead the proceedings.

This time, three themes from “Calbee”, “Hakone” and “Tetsuro Degawa” will be announced!
Calbee is a confectionery manufacturer that makes and sells many snacks that everyone has eaten at least once. Among them, the three most popular products “Potato Chips”, “Jagariko” and “Kappa Ebisen” will be announced. “Chips have ◯◯”, “Jagariko cannot be eaten with ◯◯”, “Kappa Ebisen is weak in ◯◯”, etc. In front of Tomoyuki Matsumoto, the general manager of the marketing department, and Mari Inoue, the assistant brand manager of Potato Chips, Calbee fans are unhappy! The studio was full of excitement with a storm of sympathy for Uppun, saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!”. In the meantime, for some reason, the studio has been cut off from public support! ?

Hakone has been ranked number one in the popular hot springs ranking for 15 consecutive years. The “uppun of love” of tourists who love Hakone was presented in front of Hakone City Mayor Hiroyuki Katsumata and Hakone City employee Mitsuo Sekita. “What does Hakone look like? Also, Snow Man Sakuma is showing an episode of the last trip to Hakone with the members!

Plus, 37 years of art history! Tetsuro Degawa, the one and only reaction artist who is currently ranked second in the comedian preference ranking. “There is only fear…” while Degawa is afraid, “Tetsuro Degawa’s ◯◯ is not good”, “Degawa’s ◯◯ is disappointing”, “Tetsuro Degawa does not understand the ◯◯”, etc., Degawa’s displeasure who clearly heard more than 1,400 people! What exactly is the “uppun of love” that Degawa just shouted, “Business obstruction!”

We’ll announce the dissatisfaction you notice because you like it, and the number of Uppun you can’t help but nod in a ranking format. will air starting at 8:00 am on September 7 (Wednesday)! Please enjoy!



Main panel:
Yuki Himura (Bananaman)

Studio guests (*in alphabetical order):
Erina Arai
Kie Kitano
Daisuke Sakuma (Snowman)
Tetsuro Degawa
Shinobu Hasegawa (Sissonne)
Miki Fujimoto
Shingo Yanagisawa

Manonko Hibi (TBS Announcer)



Inoue Charger (ZPLUS)
Maiko Suzuki (ZPLUS)

Complete manufacturing:
Masahiro Ishida (ZPLUS)

Kazuya Nomura

past show

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