Iniesta Announces New ‘Capitten’ Brand The World’s First Original Cleats Made By Football Players – Sports Hochi

  1. Iniesta announces new ‘Capitten’ brand The world’s first original cleats made by football playerssports report
  2. Iniesta launches football brand, develops footwear and apparelFASHIONSNAP.COM
  3. Iniesta announces ‘Capitten’ football brand at New National! Spike’s performance declared ‘perfect’KING OF FOOTBALL
  4. Iniesta shows off his ‘relaxed lifting’ during National Stadium press conference to announce ‘Capitten’ launchoricon
  5. Iniesta announces the launch of the clothing brand “Capitten”!First unveiling of the original pointe shoes worn by himselfSoccer Digest Web
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