Judge is amazing 4 rounds #55 September 5 rounds 4 of 65 pace, MVP battle with heated Shohei Otani | Full Count

Yankees' Aaron Judge reaches No. 55 in solo[Photo : Reuters]
Yankees’ Aaron Judge reaches No. 55 in solo[Photo : Reuters]

Score the most home runs by a Yankees right-handed hitter while shooting the A rod

Yankees vs. Twins (8th time in Japan, 1st doubleheader in New York)

Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge started the 7th (Japan time 8th) in Game 1 of the double header against the Twins at home as “No. He took out a solo 55th down the left, which was a streak of 4 matches.

At the start of the 4th round, in pursuit of the 3 points, the solo No. 55 was dropped from Berland’s right arm to the left. In September, it will be produced in series with 4 shots from 5 races. The 1961 league record of 61 shots set by Roger Mullis is about to fall.

As the team’s right-handed hitter, he passed Alex Rodriguez’s 54th homer on the season in 2007. Keep an eye out for the MVP battle with Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani.

[Vidéo réelle]I can’t stop… The judge who fired No. 55 in a 4 game streak

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