Kisumai Yuta Tamamori & Anne Nakamura “NICE FLIGHT!”

The official TikTok for TV Asahi’s Friday Night Drama “NICE FLIGHT!” (every Friday from 11:15 p.m.) with Kis-My-Ft2’s Yuta Tamamori was updated on the 7th. Tamamori and actress Anne Nakamura performed a dance performance and received a lot of attention.

Yuta Tamamori in “NICE FLIGHT!”

Tamamori takes on the role of a pilot for the first time and portrays a professional figure facing the work of pilots and air traffic controllers in the sky and at the airport, and a refreshing adult love model that is perfect for summer. . Nakamura plays Mayu Shibuya, a female air traffic controller at Haneda Airport who has a voice that Tamamori’s Kurata Iki “falls in love” with on first listen.

Yuta Tamamori & Anne Nakamura “NICE FLIGHT!” Theme Song Dance Video Released

Model press Anne Nakamura (C)
Model press Anne Nakamura (C)

The drama’s official TikTok so far has been Kis-My-Ft2’s theme song “Two as One” featuring various pairs of cast members such as Tamamori and Snow Man Ryohei Abe, Anne Nakamura, and model and actress Tina. Tamashiro. dance video. This time, with the hashtag “I tried to dance #TwoasOne with #Iki and #Mayu,” a dance video of Tamamori and Nakamura, who are lovers in the play, was released ahead of the 9th episode finale.

When the music started playing, the two started dancing, even though they were embarrassed. With smiles from start to finish, they performed a perfect pair dance for their breath.

Resonance with “Dancing” by Yuta Tamamori & Anne Nakamura

Fans who saw the video gave many reactions such as “Embarrassment is cute”, “I was waiting for you”, “I like the awkward feeling (laughs)”, and “Healed”. (modelpress writing)

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