“Let’s make a professional football club! RTW” and “SEPTEMBER PREMIUM SCOUT” organized (Impress Watch)

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]Also, the “Legend Match”, where you can acquire new ★5 players and “Manager Scout Ticket”, started on the same day. ■ MAX level ★ 5 players can get!! “SEPTEMBER PREMIUM SCOUT” held in “SEPTEMBER PREMIUM SCOUT”, “Petetti”, “Aaron Ramsdale”, “Cedric Soares”, “Bukayo Saka”, “Ben White”, “Gabriel Martinelli”, 6 players specialized in “Counter/ Possession” will become new ★ 5 players, and the ★ other 5 players will also be ” Level MAX (Lv. Each ability UP Lv.2 achievement” will appear. □ Scout with benefits Period: ~ October 5, 10:59 ★ A special scout with benefits where 5 players will spawn at MAX level.★ The probability of 5 players spawning is 10%.Each stage from STAGE 1 to 10 will have a special acquisition frame such as “a ★ 5 players confirmed” and an increase ★ 5 players spawn probability, or a special item □ Normal version scouting period: ~ 10:59 am October 5th ★ 5 players such as “Ben White” and “Cedric Soares” will spawn at MAX level ★ 5 players spawn probability is 10% ■ 5 new “Galak” players spawn “Legend Match” Period of maintenance: ~ September 14, 10:59 In the “Legend Match”, you will play against a Legend team, and when the victory point gauge reaches a certain amount, you will receive a luxurious reward. An event where you can get items. “Galak” will appear as a new ★5 player with a success reward of 10,000 points. The new player ★5 “Galak” can also be acquired through the special mission “Complete 50 Legend Matches”. In the special missions where you can receive rewards when certain conditions are met, you can get the new player ★5 “Galak” as well as the “Director Scout Ticket”, “Ability UP Secret Practice” and “Ability UP Secret Practice”. © SEGA (public interest) Use of football players’ images and names in this game are under license from FIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV FIFPro is a registered trademark of FIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV.

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