“London Hearts” In fact, if you date a female artist… 2nd place Iwakura, 3rd place A Masso Kano, 1st place? | smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

Iwakura responded to a direct 3-minute interview as his former roommate Otsuru Obese watched.

Released September 6″london heartsOn (TV Asahi’s “Comedienne Who Rates Herself” program, we interviewed 100 ordinary men in their 20s and 30s, and announced the ranking “Actually, if you date a good woman”.

1st place is 3 hour heroine ・Futian MaguiSo there were male voices like “I think there’s a lot of shortcomings that I don’t usually see, like showing a spoiled side”, “I think he’s going to handle everything around me”.

However, Fukuda said, “I’m the kind of person who doesn’t pay well. It’s boring.”

2nd place is Frogtei・Iwakura. In response to the opinion that “If you go out with him, he’ll do his best,” Iwakura said, “I like to serve my specialty dishes. Shuntan also said he prefers nanban chicken.” He said he was cooking.

3rd place is A Masso ・GhanaThus, there were opinions such as “I think I will be a good, reliable wife.” When Kano was asked about her relationship with her husband back home, she insisted, “I haven’t even had a conversation with her,” prompting laughs.

4th place is Nagon・misfortune. Reasons include, “I’m good at cooking and I never get tired of serving different dishes every day.” Susuki said with a smile, “I’m trying to publish a book called ‘Dirty Dishes That Can Be Prepared With Just a Microwave,’ which is dirty (not beautiful) but delicious.”

5th place isocarinaSo there was an opinion like, “Since I’m a former nurse, I can count on you in an emergency.” The person commented, “I want to firmly massage my heart.

Elf Arakawa was in 6th place, followed by Yoshizumi in 7th place, Universe Hara in 8th place, and Yasuko in 9th place.

When this ranking was released, there was a huge reaction on SNS.

《Fukuda Iwakura Kano is a visual after all. (Looking at Lonhar)》

《No matter how you look at it, Kano-san is actually number one on the list of good women to date.》

《Actually the best girl to date is Mrs. Tanabe from cram school. I’m not a member this time, but

“On the same program, the 10th worst was Oda Ueda Shiho Ueda. Screenwriter)

If the type is a woman who makes you feel at home, that seems like a reasonable ranking.

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