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The much talked about “appearance” of the guy is the number.

Osaka/Kansai Expo character becomes moped number

On September 8, 2022 (Thursday), the city of Osaka announced that it will issue moped license plates designed with the official Osaka/Kansai Expo character ‘Myakumyaku’ from the beginning of March 2023.

Large 220908 gentsuki 01
Image of a special license plate for mopeds in the city of Osaka (Image: Osaka City).

On the right side of Osaka City’s moped license plate, there is an image of Myakumyaku. The number of sheets to be created varies depending on the number type as follows.

・Motorcycles of 50 cc or less or rated power of 0.6 kw or less (white): 4,400 sheets

・Motorcycles with 50cc to 90cc or 0.6kw to 0.8kw rated power (yellow): 400

・Motorcycles with 90cc to 125cc or rated power of 0.8kw to 1kw or less (pink): 3200 sheets

・Minicar with 3 or more wheels (blue): 300

Total 8300 sheets

When acquiring a new moped in the city of Osaka, there is a selection system with the current license plate. Also, if the current license plate has already been issued, it means that it can only be replaced free of charge once. Commemorative gifts will also be distributed at the time of the broadcast.

The place of issue is Osaka City Tax Office (excluding Senba Municipal Tax Office). Details of the delivery date and commemorative gift will be announced later. Also, it looks like we are planning to do additional production depending on the license plate issuing state.

For the Osaka/Kansai 2025 Expo, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism plans to issue special license plates for automobiles that will be obtainable nationwide from fall 2022 to 2025.