Nana Suganuma starts alone with “65”, one shot behind Miyu Yamashita and Kanada Taneda-Golf Digest Online

  1. Nana Suganuma takes the lead alone with ’65’, Miyu Yamashita and Kanada Taneda are one stroke behindonline golf digest
  2. [Officiel]Nana Suganuma off to a great start at 7 under on day one!Highlight | Round 1 | Japan Women’s Professional Golf Championship Konica Minolta CupOfficial JLPGA Channel
  3. Applause for Mao Saigo’s ‘brilliant’ bunker shote!Golf
  4. This week’s women’s golf victory extra prize is “Benz EQB250” sale price 7.88 million yen, 7-seat compact SUVTHE ANSWER
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