Nippon Television, “Spirit Detective, Hisui Shirozuka” The heroine is “Only Kaya Kiyohara can play” The first tag in four years, Koji Seto, is perfect from day one-Model press

  1. NTV, “Spirit Detective, Hisui Shirozuka” Heroine is “Only Kaya Kiyohara can play” First tag in 4 years, Koji Seto is perfect from day onemodel release
  2. “Spirit Detective, Hisui Shirozuka” Makoto Chiwazaki to be a “grown woman” haircut for the role of Fuka Koshibadwango jpy news
  3. Fuka Koshiba, Kaya Kiyohara will be reliable assistants of the “spirit medium detective” “If I can become a person who can firmly support me”ORICO NEWS
  4. Fuka Koshiba: starring Kaya Kiyohara for the first time Role of an assistant who supports the main character in public and private From October “Spirit Detective, Hisui Shirozuka”WEBSITE
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