NTT-AT launches diagnostic service to check the security of cloud services

On September 8, NTT Advanced Technology (NTT-AT) began offering a “cloud security settings diagnostic service” that checks whether the security settings of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment are appropriate. This service checks the security settings in the customer’s AWS environment and summarizes the countermeasures in a report. After that, by following up with customers, we will help improve the security level of the cloud environment.

According to the company, in recent years, more and more companies have moved their IT systems from in-house environments to cloud environments such as AWS, and moved their information storage locations from in-house to the cloud. information leaks have been reported. The company speculates that one of the reasons for this is that it is exposed to the internet with remaining vulnerabilities due to misconfiguration of the cloud environment.

In this context, NTT-AT started to provide cloud security configuration diagnostic service. The service verifies all verification items of AWS security settings from the AWS environment according to the “CIS Benchmark” for safe use of the cloud environment. When used in conjunction with a diagnostic tool, important items are checked by specialists, so it is possible to check comprehensively, including inspection items that cannot be checked by automatic diagnosis.

In the post-diagnosis results report, specific improvement methods are indicated for items that do not meet the CIS standard, and countermeasures are encouraged to be implemented easily. In addition, after communicating the results of the diagnosis, we will respond to customer inquiries for three months, which will help eliminate anxiety during the implementation of measures.

Cloud Security Configuration Diagnostic Service Features

Cloud Security Configuration Diagnostic Service Features

Going forward, the company will continue to expand this service while keeping an eye on customer cloud usage trends and changes in the environment, and provide services that will further help improve the level of security. client.

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