“Old Rookie” has been cancelled!?

Takashi Sorimachi

Takashi Sorimachi Painting/Yu Saiga (C) Maijitsu

On September 4, the 10th and final episode of Sunday theatrical drama “Old Rookie” (TBS series) starring Go Ayano aired. The ratings for all 10 episodes are fine, and the numbers aren’t out of the ordinary, but the “cancellation theory” is said to have surfaced on the internet.

The main character is Shinmachi Ryotaro (Ayano), a former member of the Japanese national soccer team. At the age of 37, he reached his peak as a player, and although he was active in the “Gemma Hachioji” team belonging to J3, the team was disbanded due to financial difficulties.

When he became unemployed in no time, he was taken over by the sports management company “Victory” and transformed from a top player to a supporter of the players behind the scenes. Shinmachi’s second life, living hard in his second career, is depicted.

In the 10th episode, Shinmachi, who was fired by Takayanagi (Takashi Sorimachi), the president of “Victory” in the previous story, is transferred to the foreign team of J Leaguer Igaki (Fuju Kamio) as his last job. . It was a great highlight to successfully realize it and reconcile with Takayanagi, but…

Cut the last episode of Takashi Sorimachi?

“The reason why the story was interrupted is that the story happened too quickly. It was a series of forced developments in order to have a happy ending. Also, Takayanagi’s past didn’t been described. Takayanagi was betrayed in the past, and he took strict action against Shinmachi and others, but there is not much talk about what that past was. Until the end, viewers did not know why Takayanagi had become such a personality.” (entertainment reporter)

Takayanagi’s encounter with Shinmachi seems to have reminded him of his “old self”, but the public does not know what this “old self” is. Naturally, it is far from impressive, and on the Internet

《I was just influenced by Menhera Sorimachi》
“I never thought this would end without Takashi Sorimachi’s past story…He’s just an asshole
“President Takayanagi’s past. If the episode that changed him had some reality, the development would have been a little more compelling.
《I felt like I wanted one more episode.
《If there had been two episodes about President Takayanagi’s past trauma and one episode where he overcomes that trauma, the finale would have had more depth and depth.》
“It was a rough script that looked like it had been scrapped.”

There are voices that say.

Sunday cinemas often extend the airing time of the final episode, but this time there is none. Was it finally discontinued?

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