Rika Adachi, praised for the snap “#Momojiri” of Pichi Pichi “Rather audacious” “Nice buddy is the best” – Sports report

  1. Adachi Rika Praises Pichi Pichi’s “Pretty Bold” Snapshot “#Momojiri” “Nice buddy is the best”sports report
  2. “Please Wait For It!” Commemorative Photo Book on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Rika Adachi’s debut!nikkan sport
  3. “Oshirika” Rika Adachi, response to exceptional style strokes “Bold and pounding” “Heart pounding”ORICO NEWS
  4. Rika Adachi’s first 15th anniversary commemorative photobook “Please look forward to it!”nikkan sport
  5. Rika Adachi, 15th anniversary of her debut, photobook for the first time in 8 years.sports report
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