[Salon du jouet]Ray gun battle with a maximum range of 70m! “BB Blaster Spin Charge Glitter KAGAYAKI”, a fun ray gun that can also charge shots (Impress Watch) – Yahoo! News

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]“BB Blaster Spin Charge KAGAYAKI” is a set of 2 infrared ray guns that you can buy and enjoy fighting immediately. It’s a fun item with a futuristic design and lots of vibes with vibration and voice functions. Its maximum range is 70m, and you can switch between indoors and outdoors so you can fight in different locations. Multiple purchases enable multiplayer battles. The charm of this product is the haggling by the number of balls. There is a dial in the tail of the gun, the part where the hammer of a normal gun is, and by turning it you can load 7 bullets. When the trigger is pressed, an invisible infrared laser is fired, and when it hits the sensor under the barrel, the sliding part vibrates violently and reports damage. If you hit 10 shots, it’s game over. The biggest pinch is running out of balls, but the charge also provides great opportunities. Immediately after charging, “Super Shot” can be fired. By hitting this super move, you can inflict 2 damage to your opponent. There are plenty of voice effects such as “game start”, and it’s also equipped with a lock-on alert that detects you’re being targeted by your opponent. It’s a fun product with futuristic production and sound that you can spin the dial and shake violently when you hit it. You can also play against “BB Blaster”, which has fewer functions than the previous product. Since there are no live bullets, you can enjoy shooting games more easily. Copyright © 2018 ISHIKAWA TOY Co.,Ltd.

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