Shohei Otani’s MVP for the second year in a row is a handsome former journalist who pushes hard “It’s strange to argue” | Full Count

Alex Curry, who was a journalist until the middle of last year, has spoken of his opinion

Alex Curry, who worked as a reporter for Barry Sports West, which broadcasts Angels games locally, until the middle of last year, appeared on the “Flippin’ Butts Podcast” podcast show hosted by Ben Verlander. Angels pitcher Shohei Otani and Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge are among the top candidates for this season’s AL MVP.

Mr. Curry appeared on the program of Mr. Ben Verlander, who is known as an enthusiastic Otani fan. He underscored Ohtani’s value as the “MVP controversy” over Ohtani and the judges grew. “As with any sport, why can’t we (understand) enjoy the wonderful things that are happening right now?” he asked, adding, “Shohei Ohtani has done something that no one in MLB has never done. Last week, Ohtani became the only player with 10 wins and 30 home runs in a single season.”

He added: “No other player can compare to his accomplishments, or even come close to this record. It’s ridiculous to argue, and he won (the MVP) unanimously last year.” He appeals that Otani, who has a unique throwing and batting record, agrees.

Mr. Verlander also agrees with Mr. Curry. “I’m delighted with Aaron Judge’s performance and hope he can break the record[recordd’équipede61circuitsdeRogerMarisen1961]but even if he does, he will be MVP. “That doesn’t mean he won the award,” he said, “Every day, Shohei Ohtani shows us something no one has ever seen. He (the judge) continues the story, but Shohei Ohtani himself is the story.” We do things that no one has ever done before,” he said.

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