Solo No. 33 Shohei Otani wins HR league for the first time in 2 rounds, resurfaces in 2nd place alone, mass production with 6 hits in 9 rounds | Full Count

No. 32 trout and 8th bow contest this season, 39 strokes in the season

■ Angels vs Tigers (8th time in Japan, Anaheim)

On the 7th (Japan 8th time), Angels pitcher Shohei Otani started the game against the hometown Tigers like “No. I let go. He went into mass production with 9 rounds and 6 shots.

The dynamic arc was first in the 7th inning, which was 3-3. I pushed back the inside corner lead from Chafin’s backup left arm. It is solo n°33 which jumps into the right central stand. A strike speed of 100.3 miles (approximately 161.4 kilometers), a flight distance of 401 feet (approximately 122.2 meters), and a strike angle of 34 degrees. I put him on pace 39 shots in the season.

He single-handedly climbed to second place in the league home run standings. Trout, who drew No. 32 in a 4-run row that day, were again pushed back. The bow competition with trout is the 8th time this season and the 22nd time overall.

That day, the judges of the Yankees, who are vying for the MVP title, released number 55, which was a four-game streak. Although his batting record isn’t as good, Ohtani has 11 wins as a pitcher, a 2.58 ERA and 181 strikeouts. I want to lead to a winning star with a bat.

[Vidéo réelle]Shohei Otani’s 33rd winning solo

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