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Watch for the appearance of Teruyuki Kagawa retreating to his home after the report of sexual assault (September 2022)

“I apologize again and again for causing a lot of trouble. (Omitted) My current voice is not convincing in this sense. I hope viewers will feel various mistrust and unease. Therefore, I decided that it wasn’t appropriate for me to appear as a host on ‘THE TIME,’ which I love.”

On September 2, the TBS news program “TIME,was a Friday regular forTeruyuki KagawaAppeared in VTR video recorded the day before. Along with an apology, he revealed his feelings which led to his withdrawal.

“Roppongi class” without appearance cut

“Shukan Shincho, which went on sale on August 24, published an article about the sexual harassment of a woman who served customers at a club in Ginza in the past, and it became a big issue. While grateful and apologizing unreservedly, he expressed his intention to continue to appear saying, “I want to continue to challenge myself as before. However, further sexual harassment and abusive language were reported, and he was decided to retire.(Sports journalist)

The ripples of the tumult spread to the CM in which Kagawa appeared.

“Immediately after the news, corporate customers took a stand to wait and see what happens, but perhaps prompted by public opinion, Toyota was the first to announce the end of the promotional contract by the end of of the seven companies, six announced the suspension of the broadcast or the expiration of the contract.(advertising agency staff)

So eager to leave, the drama of Thursday »Roppongi-class](TV Asahi) says,

In response to media interviews, TV Asahi announced, “We will continue to tape and air the show based on an overall judgment.” Indeed, after reportingSeptember 1stIn the 9th episode aired in 2018, there was no cut of the appearance scenes.

However, Mr. Kagawa’s role in this drama isRyoma TakeuchiThe existence that can be considered the “greatest enemy” of the main character played by M. It is an important role, and the story is nearing its end stage, so it will be difficult to find a replacement now.” ( Responsible for the production company)

The days spent in the world of Kabuki are a succession of humiliations

However, this begins to affect the use of future dramas.

“I was to appear in a major role in the Sunday Theater ‘Atom’s Child’ starring Kento Yamazaki, which will debut on TBS from October. Speaking of Sunday Theater, he is an executive who has worked closely with M . Kagawa, such as “Naoki Hanzawa”, the “99.9” series, and “The sinking of Japan -Kibo no Hito-“. I can look it up.”(Same manager of the production company)

It seems that he is excluded from the world of television and commercials, but he still has a field of activity called kabuki.

“At the age of 46, when Kagawa had achieved success as an actor, he inherited the name Ichikawa Chusha in order to pursue the same Kabuki acting path as his father Enno Ichikawa.Ennosuke Ichikawaand Kagawa’s eldest son, Danko Ichikawa, at a press conference, where he expressed his intention to pursue both modern theater and kabuki.”

This case is also widely accepted in Nothing.

“Mr. Ennosuke is in the midst of a pilgrimage of apologies to various places related to the director’s misconduct. Mr. Ennosuke is 10 years younger than Mr. Kagawa, but in the world of Kabuki, he is the eldest of Kagawa and a tutor.”(Person related to Nothing)

For Kagawa, who entered Rien late, the days spent in the world of Kabuki were a series of humiliations.

“Rien is a world where hierarchical relationships are strictly determined by family background and artistic history.Even Mr. Kagawa, who has a lot of accomplishments in TV and movies, is so new that he can’t raise his head against old people and famous people.At the Kabuki rehearsal room, Ennosuke, of course,Ichikawa EbizoI have to use honorifics even when I’m younger than Mr. and Koshiro Matsumoto, and I have to obey when I receive acting advice during rehearsals.” (Nothing official)

It is said that the custom that has been passed down for a long time in the pear garden also hurts Kagawa’s pride.

Processing in the future film industry

“Before a performance, a lower-ranking actor would always come into the box to greet a higher-ranking actor, but it was not uncommon for him to be addressed without turning around,” Kagawa added. Mr. Saruo’s son, so he is an object of jealousy from the disciples who are not blessed with a family background.

They also treated me like a bully, ignoring me and hiding my things in the locker room. The stress accumulated in such an environment may have exploded when I drank alcohol.(People involved in Nothing)

Even within Rien, it seems that more and more people are saying, “Even Ennosuke can’t protect him” from this incident.

“It would be difficult for Ennosuke-san, who carries Sawadashiya on his back, to give up Kagawa-san, who is the father of Danko-san, who will inherit the family name in the future. Convenience is secondary.According to the future situation, I believe that the banishment of Nothing will become a reality.(A person involved in Rien)

If he is abandoned by the Kabuki world, he will lose his place, but how will he be treated in the film industry in the future?

“Since the matter between the victim and Mr. Kagawa has already been resolved, it seems that many people are considering making an offer once things calm down. However, at this time, there is no no choice but to be silent and show an attitude of remorse.”(previously mentioned, production company officials)

Kagawa celebrated 10 years of trying Kabuki. What do you think of the landmark year fiasco?

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