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Male celebrities who 'defend' Teruyuki Kagawa reflect the lesions of Japanese societyPhoto:Dominique Charriau/gettyimages

In late August, “Weekly Shincho” reported on actor Teruyuki Kagawa’s “sexual abuse” incident three years ago. Initially, there were many voices of support, but after the follow-up report was released, it was reported one after another that the program and the ads had been dropped. However, even so, celebrities and celebrities continue to defend Kagawa. Why would they want to say a word about this issue? (Freelance writer Waka Kamada)

Celebrities and celebrities defend Kagawa one after another

“Records of Obscenity Trial at Ginza Luxury Club”. The September 1 issue (published August 24) of “Weekly Shincho” reported actor Teruyuki Kagawa’s past incident with the following headline.

In July 2019, when Kagawa visited a club in Ginza, it was reported that he put his hand inside the clothes of the hostess who was with him, took off the underwear, and sniffed the underwear with his companion.

This came to light after the woman filed a civil suit to hold the club’s mother responsible for failing to stop the behavior. The weekly Shincho holds the record. However, the lawsuit has since been dropped.

The day after the report, Kagawa’s office issued a statement acknowledging the facts and apologizing. When sexual violence against celebrities is reported, the “perpetrators” may deny the reports or even sue the “victims”. This was not the case in Kagawa’s case, and his immediate admission of the facts would have had the effect of suppressing the secondary perpetration of the women to some extent.

However, on the Internet there were also comments such as “Why are you talking about what happened three years ago now?” In the Weekly Shincho article, there was no comment from the woman who was victimized, and it is not known if the woman filed a complaint. Nevertheless, public opinion on the Internet speculating on “money hunting” is only a secondary perpetrator.

Two days after the report, Kagawa himself apologized on a news program he hosted. At one point, it was thought that the program and commercials would end without leaving, but “Weekly Shincho” posted a photo of Kagawa smiling while grabbing the club mom’s hair from behind.

Perhaps because of the great impact of this photo, after the beginning of September, news programs, commercials and drama withdrawals were reported one after another.

When this happens, it is the lawyer’s opinion that increases on the contrary. In particular, male celebrities and celebrities can be seen defending Kagawa with various ways of reasoning. A woman’s enemy is not a woman, and a man’s defender is a man.

Let’s see what kind of voices of “advocacy” and “support” arise.

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