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Fuwa wins the women's 10,000 meter race, showing a smile with a medal in her hand (photographed by Masaaki Maeoka)

Fuwa wins the women’s 10,000 meter race, showing a smile with a medal in her hand (photographed by Masaaki Maeoka)

◇Day 9 ◇Day 1 ◇Takebishi Stadium Kyoto ◇Women’s 10,000m

Seirai Fuwa (19=Takudai), who is 30 minutes 45.21 seconds in the women’s 10,000 meters, won the return race for the first time in 145 days.

It was his first race since the Japan Student Individual Championships held on April 17, and his first V in the same event was 32:55:31. Due to pain in his right Achilles tendon and hip joint, he withdrew from the challenge of the World Championships in Oregon in July. With regret in my heart, I watched the Oregon final on the spot. I started to explore the world again.

Fuwa jumped up. After passing 7200 meters in 6th place, he quickly accelerated to take the lead. “I hadn’t originally planned to appear, but I felt like I wanted to compete.” Separated from 2nd place and below, running alone. Immediately after the goal, I kept my eyes on it with a deeply moved expression. ‘It’s both sweat and tears.

First race in 145 days. He had symptoms of anemia and was unable to jog until the last month. The final decision to participate is also 3 days ago. The goal was to complete the first kilometer at a pace of 3 minutes and 20 seconds. But the rider’s instinct led him to victory. Manager Igarashi was surprised at his run, saying, “I couldn’t believe it when I was watching practice. It’s a piece of genius.”

A new heroine appeared after the Tokyo Olympics. However, he missed the world ticket in July due to injury.

Eugene, Oregon, USA, July 16. I went to the site on forced march for 3 nights and 5 days. Watch the women’s 10,000m final. The fierce push from world top Hironaka, who entered in 12th place, burned my eyes. First, I asked Coach Igarashi, who sat next to me in the stands as the players scored one goal after another.

“What do I have to do to win against these people? »

Towards his dream, the first V of the intercollegiate 10,000 meters is the first step towards his return. The policy is not to participate in the 5000 meters on the 11th, and we will move on to the next objective. “The Japanese record (30:20.44, Hitomi Shintani) is a stepping stone to compete against the world. I want to aim for that.” The time attack, which I will prepare well for, is scheduled for December in Kyoto, on the same day as today.[Kazuhiro Masuda]

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