Delicious Party Pretty Cure: Cure Precious is the first guest of “DAIGO is a kitchen” DAIGO is “Delicious Smile~!”-MANTANWEB (Mantan Web)

Cure Precious from the 19th episode of the popular “Pretty Cure” anime series, “Delicious Party Pretty Cure” (ABC TV/TV Asahi), is a cooking show hosted by musician DAIGO “DAIGO Is The Kitchen ~ Daily Menu What Will You Do you?~” (ditto) as a special guest. Related to the theatrical version of the anime film “Delicious Party Pretty Cure Yumemiru Children’s Lunch!” (directed by Akifumi Zako, September 23), DAIGO will produce a “children’s lunch” at the request of Cure Precious. This is the first time a special guest will appear on “DAIGO mo Daidokoro,” and Cure Precious will appear on the same program, which airs at 1:30 p.m. on September 23.

On the program, Yuri Yamamoto, food columnist, will produce a “Dreaming Children’s Lunch”. A total of 7 dishes such as staple foods, side dishes and desserts are cooked, which is the highest number in the history of the program. Because I want to see Delicious Smile~!”

He is also very fond of making rice balls and draws a portrait of Cure Precious saying, “Isn’t that kinda like Pretty Cure? (laughs).” During the tasting, DAIGO chanted “Delicious Smile~!”

The motif of “Delicious Party Pretty Cure” is “rice”, the themes are “feelings of gratitude” and “the joy of sharing”, and the keyword is “rice is a smile”. Located in a wonderful city where delicious food from all over the world gathers, Pretty Cure plays an active role in protecting everyone’s “delicious smile”. Airs every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. on ABC TV and TV Asahi.

“DAIGO is also a kitchen” is a cooking program challenged by DAIGO, which has “zero cooking skills”. Airs Monday through Friday at 1:30 p.m. on ABC TV and TV Asahi.

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