Erika Karata “I Am Infinitely Myself” Feature Film for the First Time in 3 Years & Feature Film “Flowingvers you” Released 11/26 – Nikkan Sports

  1. Erika Karata “I am infinitely myself” Feature film for the first time in 3 years & featured film “To flow” Released on 11/26nikkan sport
  2. With Erika Karata, in search of the truth in ambiguous conversations with a man who has a lover…oricon
  3. Erika Karata, Yuya Endo and W in the movie “Flowing into the direction” “Hope you can expect this work with mysterious attraction”sports report
  4. Special report Erika Karata & Yuya Endo “Running towards direction”cinema today
  5. Erika Karata x Yuya Endo W With “Hana e, Nagare” To Be Released On November 26 Promotion Video And Postertrue sound
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