Happens at Samurai U18 manager Mabuchi’s press conference… Thanks for the savior appearance ‘It was going to be a big deal’ | Full Count

Interpreter returns home after director meeting, Chairman Takara speaks on behalf of Director Mabuchi in English

The 30th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup, which kicks off in Florida, USA on the 9th (Japan time, 10th), will be held on the 8th (9) with the presence of manager Shiro Mabuchi (Meitoku Gijuku) . There was an incident where the interpreter left after the director’s meeting held before the press conference, but Takano Takano, President of Japan Takano Ren, acted as the interpreter. Responded in fluent English and saved the pinch.

National team coaches from 10 countries except Brazil and Panama attended the press conference that day. All the press conferences were in English, but the interpreter who was in charge after the manager’s meeting before the press conference said, “I heard it was just a manager’s meeting.” Although it was an emergency without an interpreter, President Takara, who is also a professor emeritus at Kyoto University, attended as a substitute.

Speaking on behalf of Director Mabuchi, he excitedly said in fluent English, “Japan has never been number one, so I want to be number one this time.” In response to questions from media from other countries, Director Mabuchi expressed his gratitude saying, “If it hadn’t been for the president, things would have been difficult.”

(Tordai Kawamura / Kodai Kawamura)

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