‘I can’t use car navigation and I don’t know the road’ Elderly taxi driver Toro Salmon Kubota unhappy with explosion ‘Map page is also different’: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

On September 8, 2022, Kazunobu Kubota of comedy duo “Toro Salmon” exploded on Twitter with his displeasure at the taxi driver’s response.

  • From Instagram of Kazunobu Kubota (kubotakazunobu)

    From Instagram of Kazunobu Kubota (kubotakazunobu)

  • From Instagram of Kazunobu Kubota (kubotakazunobu)

“Chaos. I feel like every menu I’ve ordered is different.”

On the 8th, Mr. Kubota posted a photo from inside a taxi on Twitter, saying, “To senior drivers. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the driver.

“I said several times, ‘Are you okay if I don’t give you the address?’ Speaking of which, I can’t use the car’s navigation system. I don’t know the way. After all, I’m looking at a map with a magnifying glass. The page I’m looking at is also different. Chaos. J I feel like I ordered a different menu. I’m late.”

The photo shows a driver driving while examining a map with a magnifying glass. The photo was taken from the back seat and does not show the driver’s face.

Mr. Win Win Jiro, an artist, replied, “This is a scene I have only seen in a crazy www manga!”

In the following message, Jiro added, “Wait a minute! Wait a minute! If you zoom in on the map, isn’t it Kyoto?! Kyoto is the easiest to understand, isn’t it?”

In the post, “Isn’t that Wednesday’s theory? A theory that if you’re an elderly driver in a taxi, you can’t complain even if you look at the map with a magnifying glass” There’s also a voice that says it’s a “Downtown” project (TBS system).

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