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This Kickstarter will run until October 15, 2022 (Saturday) and the initial goal is $30,000 (approximately 4.26 million yen). We are planning to release this product. Kickstarter for Masashi Meguro’s “Guns Undarkness” Stealth Strategy JRPG Kicks Off September 12! On September 12, 2022, Mr. Shoji Meguro, known as the composer of “Persona” and “Shin Megami Tensei” series, will launch his own original game project “Guns Undarkness” on Kickstarter. We’ll let you know when we start. The campaign will run until October 15, 2022 with an initial goal of $30,000. Guns Undarkness is a futuristic sci-fi JRPG that combines stealth elements with intense turn-based command combat. Players become employees of a private military company (PMC) in the year 2045 and carry out missions alongside their allies in a devastated post-nuclear world. It’s a game story that focuses on characters who fight for human innovation and search for true love. ■ Main Features A turn-based strategy RPG inspired by “Metal Gear Solid” and “Persona”. A relational system that empowers the protagonist by getting closer to his teammates. The scene is a future world on the verge of destruction. Masashi Meguro (Persona, Shin Megami Tensei), Ilya Kuvshinobu (Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045, Birthday Wonderland) and Lotus Juice (Persona 3). ■History In the year 2045, mankind experienced a brief lull due to the powerful development of modern technology. At the same time, however, the social disparity between the haves and have-nots became a serious problem, and some of the have-nots began to plan the Great Reset, which advocated primitivism. “Thousand Trays”. Triggered by their two nuclear missiles, the world becomes a full-scale nuclear war. And the Great Reset has been completed. As a member of a private military company, the main character will overcome this difficult situation together with his friends. And it’s up to you to find true love in this devastated world and transform humanity. ■ Characters appearing You are the main character and yourself. A recruit who moved from one private military company to another and joined the BTI Alpha team. He was purchased for his exceptional combat ability, unlike any newcomer, and was the only person on Alpha Team to receive the latest TAGS gear. A highly functional combat android. They have emotions and can communicate with humans without any difference. Alpha Team’s dependable attacker who runs freely around the battlefield with a handgun in hand, while having a sweet personality like a mother. A bright and positive 17 year old girl. The only daughter of the great scientist Dr. Cowen. Although he did not have a good relationship with the Doctor, he took over his father’s research in the aftermath of the nuclear war and fought to open up a bright future for mankind. The good big brother of the main character. Due to his diligent personality, he can be clumsy at times, but in battle he supports Alpha Team as a shotgun expert. Former superior and subordinate relationship with Alpha Team Commander McGovern. He served in the United States Marine Corps with Zack. The leader of the military regime in the Far East region that started the nuclear war, “Thousand Plateaux”. “A Thousand Plateaus” placed the world on the brink of destruction with the idea of ​​”primitivism” that “humans should discard technology and return to ‘primitive age’. After nuclear war, A mysterious and taciturn mercenary, he used to be a hitman when he was young, but was picked up by Marshal Zhang, the leader of a thousand platters, and has since continued to undertake the dirty work of thousand trays. His special skill is “Super Move”, which allows him to dodge bullets with reflex speed that exceeds the TAGS limit ■ On the playing field, the player controls the main character and leads up to three companions to attack. Use the hand signal button to specify a cover point where your companion can hide, and the GO button to take your companion to cover. When you find an enemy symbol, you can set it up and shoot. All-round attack bonus chance when the player’s team fires at an enemy in cover. A burst of fire within this time will reduce the enemy’s hit points before the battle begins. Even if you are not in cover, shooting an enemy symbol will trigger a turn-based battle. A wide range of commands are available in battle, such as normal attacks (ATTACK) and skills (SKILL) that consume SP to unleash powerful attacks. There are also commands for GUARD, MOVE, WEAPON, ITEM, ESCAPE, and TAGS, which is the character’s defensive suit. There is no SP consumption during a cover attack. Unleashing skills at this time allows for strategic gameplay. By hitting the enemy’s weak point, you can inflict a lot of damage and take cover. Damage depends on the attacker’s gun and target’s TAGS compatibility. Damage can be reduced if enemy compatibility is DEFENSE. In addition to powerful skills, there are also weapons that can grant special buffs and debuffs. By winning battles, the player’s team gains two types of experience: character experience and gun experience. As you level up, your character stats will increase and your weapon skills will be unlocked. Also, you can improve the performance of the gun by adding parts. As you progress through the storyline, you’ll get blueprints, and you can collect materials and craft new weapons. The main character’s default weapon, the M4 Assault Rifle. A versatile, well-balanced and easy-to-use pistol. When there is no mission, the player spends time in the amphibious assault submarine “Maroon”, which is a hideout. You can accept quests from the quests panel or specify landing points on the world map to get to various locations such as shops. First released in November 2021, Guns Undarkness is Meguro’s first official project after leaving Atlus to become an independent game developer. Known as the composer of the Persona series and Shin Megami Tensei, he was also the creative director of the Persona series for the PSP and has been developing his own indie RPGs for years. Mr. Meguro will not only design the game, but will also produce all the music used in Guns Undarkness. In this project, character designer Ilya Kuvshinov (“Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045”) and lyricist Lotus Juice (“Persona” series), who worked with Meguro on “Persona 3” in 2006, will join forces. Mr. Meguro’s comment: “Through Kickstarter, we would like to receive support and early feedback from fans to make Guns Undarkness a better game. We want to fix issues and polish every detail, so please support us !” reward levels, community games and challenging goals for project backers. The current release date is December 2023. Guns Undarkness will be released on PC when the goal is reached, and on Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox when the lofty goal is reached. Home Page :

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