Mamoru Nagano’s “Flower Poetry Gothic Maid” 10th Anniversary! Decided Revival Screening – Comic Natalie

  1. Mamoru Nagano’s “Flower Poetry Gothic Maid” 10th Anniversary!Decided Revival Screeningcomic natalie
  2. Director Mamoru Nagano’s ‘Gothic Maid’ to Screen in Revival Commemorating Its 10th Anniversary! Around 50 Theaters Nationwide – NetoraboNetorabo
  3. The “October Monthly Issue of Newtype” is out today! Information on the cover of “Gothic Maid Floral Poetry”PR TIME
  4. Mamoru Nagano’s Theatrical Animation “Flower Poetry Gotic Maid” Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Relaunches Nationwidenatalie movie
  5. Hana no Utajo Gotic Maid: Mamoru Nagano’s Legendary Anime Revival Screening Starting November 1st 10th AnniversaryWEBSITE
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