Nihon Bunri’s Haruya Tanaka, Fastest Right Hand Over 150km, Submits Aspiring Professional Application To 50 High School Students | Full Count

Tanaka participated in this summer’s Koshien, but lost the first match due to an accident with his right hand.

On the 9th, Japan Takanoren updated the list of candidates who submitted professional baseball application forms on its official website. Pitcher Haruya Tanaka, who claims a top speed of 150km, submitted it.

The pitcher participated in Koshien last summer and this summer. This summer, he played against Kaisei (Nagasaki) in the first match, and was beaten after losing 7 points in the 6th end due to a peeling right index finger.

In addition, two players from Tsukuba Hidehide (Ibaraki), including pitcher Iori Tsukagoshi, submitted their proposals. By this date, 50 high school students had submitted their proposals.

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