This time, it has been decided that Yuki Takahata will play the lead role in Nagoya-based theater company Oysters’ show “Chichinchi”.

[Commentaire de Yuki Takahata]

Oysters No.26I will appear in the performance “Chichinchi”.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of new me I can meet through this stage.

I have stage experience, but I don’t have a lot of stage experience, so I’m nervous.

So that everyone can see a new side

Myself, I want to have fun, learn and work hard!

[Commentaire de Naotaka Hiratsuka, écrit et réalisé]

There must be a “father’s house”. So it seems that they no longer live together.

In such a conception of “Chichinchi” which was only a mist, I walked with outstretched hands without knowing my feet. Mr. Takahata was clearly standing there. I would like to follow her.

[Informations sur les performances]

Oysters No.26performances


Written and Directed by Naotaka Hiratsuka

<Nagoya performance>

Small Hall of Aichi Prefecture Art Theater


tenmoon29Sun (Sat)14001800

tenmoon30day (day)11001500

tenmoon31day month)14:00

<Tokyo show>

Prince’s Theater


11moon18Day (Gold)1900

11moon19Sun (Sat)14001800

11moon20day (day)14:00


Hirohata Yuki (SKE48

Saji throws

Tatsuya Nakao

Naotaka Hiratsuka

Kosuke Tauchi

Shibahara Keisei


9moontenSun (Sat)12:00Published

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