Tokyo Disney Resort’s “business ban” riot is a misunderstanding? There is also a view that this is a countermeasure against resellers… Management source view is: J-CAST News[Affichage du texte intégral]

Since the beginning of September 2022, attention has been on the Internet since the beginning of September 2022. Indeed, the phrase “commercial activities (unless authorized by the company)” has been added to the ban.

Although there are rumors that it may affect YouTubers who post videos taken at the facility, there are also voices saying that the statement was aimed at countermeasures against reselling from a different point of view . We spoke with Oriental Land, the store operator.

  • Tokyo Disneyland (taken in 2017)

    Tokyo Disneyland (taken in 2017)

  • Tokyo Disneyland (taken in 2017)

“Additional speculation is resale.”

What has been updated is the page titled “Tokyo Disney Resort Request” on the official website. It outlines prohibited items and precautions for users of facilities such as Tokyo Disneyland Sea.

As a result of the postscript, the internet became interested in the pros and cons of shooting YouTuber. After the 7th, when every media outlet reported things like “shooting for commercial purposes”, which were previously prohibited, this view spread further.

On the other hand, regarding the prohibition of for-profit activities, there are also comments on Twitter, such as “The intention of adding is resale” and “I thought it was first resellers”. He believes that buying products for resale is a lucrative business.

Recently, among the users of the facility, it is considered a problem that acts of reselling are sometimes seen when new products and limited goods are released. In the spring of 2010, a customer was spotted trying to extend the purchase limit by placing an elaborate doll in a stroller, causing controversy on Twitter as a “fake baby”.

Although the relevance is unknown, the sale of property of new character “Leena Belle” from the popular series “Duffy & Friends” was about to be stipulated in the ban on commercial activities. From the 8th, for the time being, the park will limit access to shops using numbered tickets, and will strictly limit purchases to one purchase per purchase and one item per purchase.

Example of “high resale” in the survey?

In response to the clarification, there is also a post on Twitter saying that when Tokyo Disney Resort’s information center inquired about the scope of for-profit activities, they gave an example of “resale to a high price would be a violation”.

Regarding the facts of the exchanges revealed in the message, Oriental Land’s public relations told J-CAST News on the 9th that they would refrain from responding to individual cases.

In the first place, as a rule, it is revealed that commercial activities in the establishment have long been prohibited. He explained the circumstances, saying, “We announced again on the site that we have been banned for some time.” The acts concerned were dealt with individually by the interpellation.

Not limited to for-profit activities, if it is determined that there is a nuisance to other guests or an impediment to the operation of the establishment, we will call them, and if they do not respond, “Depending on the situation , we may refuse admission or departure.” You may be asked to do so.”

We asked about the YouTuber’s take on the set

Regarding the question of whether it is illegal to shoot a YouTuber, which has become the center of attention on the Internet,

“Even if you are a YouTuber, you can film for your personal enjoyment, and we ask that you refrain from filming for commercial purposes, not just YouTubers.”

and give feedback. A spokesperson told visitors:

“We want everyone to have a pleasant and comfortable stay, so please observe the etiquette and morals listed in the ‘Tokyo Disney Resort Requests’, and we ask for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring safe and secure operation. parks. Believe us”

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