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Research that focuses on the amazing “healing effect” of “exercise” is now attracting worldwide attention.Exercising… “Protects from stress”, “Antidepressant effects comparable to those of antidepressants”, “Increases resilience factors and reinforces anxiety”, “May eliminate the same level of risk of dementia than genetics’ “The second most powerful ‘sleep-inducing drug’ in nature is made in the body”Dr. Jennifer Hayes, a leading “exercise x neuroscience” expert, summarized the startling research findings. His research has been featured in many international media, including The New York Times, BBC, CNN, and HuffPost. The first Japanese translation of a book that summarizes the content in an easy-to-understand way for the general public“Depression disappears with exercise: method of resetting “mental disorders” clarified by neuroscience”was released on September 7. This time, in commemoration of the release of this book, we will specially publish some of its content.

World pays attention to 'how to get strong in anxiety' found in latest sciencephoto: Adobe Stock

What is the decisive difference between “those who are strong in anxiety” and “weak people”?

Not everyone who experiences fear develops an anxiety disorder. What protects them?

This is,A resilience factor called neuropeptide Y (NPY)is. There are brains that can do a lot of this and brains that can’t.

For example, Nick and Paul went into battle together. Over time Paul developed PTSD and Nick did not. Nick, who had a lot of NPY, was able to protect his brain from trauma.

“So I want to increase the NPY,” you might think. Me too. I agree

Now for the good news.NPY can be increased with exerciseHe is. What is this exercise?

How Much Exercise Do You Need to Relieve Anxiety?

In my lab, I wanted to find a way to increase NPY with as little effort as possible.

and experience,30 minutes of light to moderate intensity exercise three times a week is enough to reduce feelings of anxietyI understood it.

Moreover, the subjects who had benefited the most were those who had the most anxiety. Fortunately, their anxiety decreased after exercise, and the relief they got from exercise increased with training.

In fact, exercise has been shown to be very effective in reducing anxiety. Not only does it reduce anxiety symptoms for those with anxiety disorders, it also reduces the anxiety that everyone experiences from time to time.

(This manuscript was written by Jennifer Hayes and translated by Masami Shikada.“Depression disappears with the Exercise-Reset method for “mental disorders” clarified by neuroscience”(Extracted and edited from the contents of

Jennifer Hayes

Director of the Neurofit Laboratory at McMaster University in Canada, home to the world’s top kinesiology (exercise science) department and a leading authority on exercise and neuroscience research. He has received numerous awards for his research on the effects of physical exercise on mental health and cognitive abilities. His research has received international media attention, including CNN, NBC, BBC, HuffPost, and CBS, as well as a feature in The New York Times. Japanese translation of the first book“Depression goes away with exercise”will be released on September 7, 2022.

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