“After sex for 30,000 yen after the pill…” Giant Yuto Sakamoto (33) accused by best friend of former woman in love 《LINE “Nakadashi?

“The ‘incident’ with Sakamoto depressed A-ko. A-ko, who was despondent, eventually attempted suicide. The worst situation crossed his mind. A-ko. In order to protect the life of

Sakamoto is Yomiuri Giants captain Hayato Sakamoto (33). The person who decides to accuse Sakamoto with such a solemn look is a close friend of an ordinary woman, Ako (20), who has been in a relationship with Sakamoto for several years. The “incident” between Sakamoto and Ako which was told by a close friend was surprising.


Sakamoto’s unstoppable “free-spirited private life”

It goes without saying that Hayato Sakamoto is a star player representing the world of Japanese baseball. Joined Yomiuri Giants in 2007 and has many brilliant achievements such as MVP Award in 2019, Best Nine 7 times, Golden Glove Award 5 times. In the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, he helped win the gold medal as the team’s central player.

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However, this season Sakamoto has been plagued with injuries. He injured his back on July 7 and was written off for the third time this season. He returned to the First Army on August 16, but the results were not good.

On the other hand, in private, he is free-spirited.

In “FRIDAY” (March 6, 2015 issue), it was discovered that during the Miyazaki camp, a woman who worked at a local cabaret was invited to the dormitory and had sex. In “FLASH” (July 18, 2017 issue), it was reported that when he traveled to Utsunomiya on an expedition, he visited a cabaret club with his Giants teammates and verbally abused female employees. like “cockroaches” and “uglies”. was also beaten.

Other magazines have repeatedly reported on joint parties and cabaret clubs. Still, there seems to be no change in Sakamoto’s private life.


Women’s problems again “Circumstances” that a close friend talks about

In May this year, “Bunharu Online” published a date with a beautiful woman holding hands and walking in broad daylight. The following month, “Weekly Shincho” (June 23, 2022 issue) reported on Sakamoto’s new issues with women. In February 2018, he invited a woman named by Sakamoto to the hotel of a cabaret in Miyazaki City, but he got angry when he was refused and bit the woman, and eventually, through from the team’s attorney, he paid a settlement fee. of 5.5 million yen. That’s what I paid.

“Always be a gentleman in the army of giants”

That’s what the Yomiuri Giants team charter says. Sakamoto, who is the captain of the team, is the person who wears the sign on his back. Many boys and girls must look up to Sakamoto.

However, women’s issues resurfaced. It’s not just about saying that a woman “attempted suicide”. What happened between them two?

First, let’s go back to when Sakamoto and Ako met.

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