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The title of this book is “SANS STRESS”. It teaches scientific methods for coping with various types of stress, from the minor anxieties of everyday life to the great loss of separation from loved ones. As you read, you’ll realize that small amounts of stress often work well, but accumulating or neglecting them can slowly damage our physical and mental health.

Another thing this book teaches us is that becoming aware of your stress is the first step to coping with stress. Indeed, when the problem you are having becomes clear, you can also see how to solve it. In fact, this book presents the “immediate method” and the “authentic method” to relieve stress.

Eliminating sources of stress is probably not possible. But we can change the way we think and the way we perceive stress. This book will definitely help you.

At the end of the book, the author quotes: “What we should be most proud of is not never never falling, but getting up every time we fall.” For those who want to relieve stress and live a healthy life, and those who are feeling stressed and frustrated right now, I highly recommend reading this book.

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