DOJ, Trump submit candidates for third-party audits of seized documents – Bloomberg

Trump and the Justice Department announced that a Florida federal court ordered a neutral third-party audit of documents seized by the FBI from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and fielded two nominees each on 9 .

The federal district court will appoint an associate judge, known as a “special master,” to review the seized documents. Trump’s nominees are Raymond Deary, a former New York federal judge and chief district attorney, and Paul Huck Jr., a Florida attorney.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department suggested former federal judges Barbara Jones and Thomas Griffiths. Trump’s team and the Justice Department disagreed on the scope and duration of the special administrator’s review.

The US Department of Justice on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against a federal court in Florida ordering a third-party audit.

Justice Department appeals third-party audit order for documents seized by Trump

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DOJ, Trump submits candidates to compete for special master’s degree (1)(extract)

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