Felipe Dolgovic wins the 2022 F2 championship title![F1-Gate.com]

Felipe Dolgovic wins the 2022 F2 championship title!

Felipe Dolgovic has won the 2022 FIA-F2 championship title.

22-year-old Brazilian Felipe Dolgovic (MP Motorsport) achieved 18 top-five finishes, including five wins, in his third season in FIA-F2. He secured the 2022 title with three rounds to go.

Felipe Dolgovic was forced to retire after colliding with Amaury Cordeel during the FIA ​​Formula 2 Championship round 13 sprint race at the Monza circuit. However, his rival Theo Prussier finished in last place without any points, leaving him 69 points ahead of him, surpassing the 65 points available for the rest of the race, thus securing the title. We celebrated the moment at the pit wall.

Felipe Dolgovic becomes Brazil’s first-ever F2 champion. Drivers who have won the title cannot return to the next championship. However, Dolgovic, who does not belong to any F1 team development programme, is unlikely to win an F1 seat, despite some rumors, and is said to be a reserve driver for Aston Martin F1.

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