[Giant]Ryuta Hirauchi loses 3 points in the 8th inning. Director Hara “ I have to go back to it.

  1. [Géant]Ryuta Hirauchi loses 3 points in the 8th round.sports report
  2. Giants/Director Hara “I have to top him” encourages Hirauchi, who is down 3 goals.daily sports
  3. Tatsunori Hara, Giants manager, says: “One more shot, or one more throw?”[Géant]Chunichi Shimbun
  4. [Géant]Ryuta Hirauchi loses 3 points in round 8 Coach Kuwata “I want him back to his original state”sports report
  5. Giants Ryuta Hirauchi drop 3 goals in 1 set as middle coach Kuwata after losing 2 straight gamessanspo
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