GLAY to Perform New Song “Only One, Only You” for the First Time on Tour in October (Billboard JAPAN) – Yahoo! News

Other photosThis tour will feature all the songs from the album “UNITY ROOTS & FAMILY, AWAY” released in September 2002. This song has a beautiful chorus at the end, and the chorus will be sung by the young members of the Red Cross of the Cross -Japanese Red and students belonging to the Tokyo Shibuya School of Music as representatives of young people who will be responsible for the future is expected. This song contains TAKURO’s strong desire for peace, and in the ending chorus, he led “I want to combine TERU’s voice and the powerful voices of many people wishing for peace into a beautiful chorus.” This project was made in order to make it a live performance. It has also been decided that the final performance of the tour, to be held in Shizuoka on October 24, will be streamed online as part of the GLAY x The Premium Malts campaign. This campaign can be entered by purchasing The Premium Malt products. ◎TAKURO’s comment In 2002, we released a very unique album in GLAY’s history called “UNITY ROOTS & FAMILY, AWAY”. Before ‘UNITY ROOTS & FAMILY, AWAY’, we had the ‘GLOBAL COMMUNICATION’ theme, but 9/11 happened after that, and our ‘young ideals’ were shattered. I think that’s why we could create a sweet album like “UNITY ROOTS & FAMILY, AWAY”. But, after all, “AWAY” is added at the end of the title. Unity, family, roots, etc., I feel like I’m drifting away, and I feel that kind of loneliness. Twenty years have passed since then, and I thought about it. “With the current matured GLAY, I think we can give fans a very comfortable, sweet, and warm time with the songs from such a sweet album.” So this time, we decided to do a full reproduction tour of “UNITY ROOTS & FAMILY, AWAY” in the fall, which suits the season. If I had to choose one word for fall, I would like to tour with an “elegant” feeling. When I thought, “What is GLAY’s way of doing things that corresponds to the current era?” I thought if we made it a concept, everyone could go home with something that would make them think, ‘Let’s do our best tomorrow’, then everyone would be less stressed… next year I would like to shout loud and make a lot of noise with everyone I put it on I would like you to dress up a little and come here like you are going to a ball or listening to music classical music.◎ Tour Information[GLAY Anthology présente -UNITY ROOTS & FAMILY, AWAY 2022-]October 9, 2022 (Sunday) Kanagawa / Yokosuka Arts Theater October 10, 2022 (Mon / Holiday) Kanagawa / Yokosuka Arts Theater October 2022 Monday, October 17 Aichi/Nagoya International Conference Center Century Hall October 19, 2022 (Wednesday) Chiba/Ichikawa City Cultural Hall October 20, 2022 (Thursday) Chiba/Ichikawa City Cultural Hall October 24, 2022 (Monday) Act City Hamamatsu Middle Hall, Shizuoka

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