Intelasia East Asia News – Japan Reports 112,404 New Coronavirus Cases; 10,640 in Tokyo

Japan reported 112,404 new cases of the coronavirus on Thursday.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government reported 10,640 new cases, down 2,928 from Wednesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 31, up two from Wednesday, health officials said. The national number is 471, down three from Wednesday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (8,291), Aichi (7,174), Saitama (5,948), Fukuoka (5,555), Hokkaido (5,332), Hyogo (5,198), Chiba (4,758), Kanagawa (4,677), Hiroshima (3,376), Shizuoka (3,286), Ibaraki (2,525), Okayama (2,293), Gifu (2,011), and Fukushima (1,882).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 197.

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