Niigata scored 3 wins, overtaking goal difference and regaining the lead! Kyushu Derby winner Kumamoto moved up to 4th place with 3 straight wins[Résumé : Meiji Yasuda J2 Section 35]:

September 10, 2022 (Sat) 22:00

Niigata scored 3 wins, overtaking goal difference and regaining the lead! Kumamoto, who won the “Kyushu Derby”, climbed to 4th place with 3 consecutive wins[Résumé : Meiji Yasuda J2 Section 35]

The 11 games of the 35th round of the Meiji Yasuda J2 League were played on the 10th, and while the leaders Yokohama FC drew with Tochigi until the previous round, the 2nd Niigata took a comfortable victory over Ryukyu, and the two teams switched positions. . .

Yokohama FC, who faced Tochigi at home, created chances but failed to score and ended in a scoreless draw. In the 55th minute, Yoshiro Takagi’s goal broke Niigata’s balance, and Takagi scored again in the 75th minute to make it 2-0 and claim a comfortable win. As a result, they tied Yokohama FC with 68 points, but Niigata, who overtook them in goal difference, moved to the top.

Okayama, who hosted Yamagata at home, took the lead in the 51st minute, but Thiago Alves equalized in the 55th minute, and Mitchell Duke scored the winning goal in the 76th minute. With a 2-1 win from behind, they secured their fourth consecutive victory. In an away game against Nagasaki, Kumamoto took the lead in the 12th minute with a goal from Yuhi TAKEMOTO. In the 68th minute, Norimoto SAKAMOTO added a goal to give Japan a comfortable 3-1 win. 3 wins in a row to move up to 4th place.

With Sendai at home, Oita defended Daito Goya’s 68th-minute goal and rode a 3-0 winning streak. In contrast, losing Sendai couldn’t win manager Akira Ito’s opener, and fell to 5th place with 5 straight losses. Chiba, who faced Yamaguchi at home, beat Kanazawa 1-0 thanks to a goal from Miki Yuya in the 57th minute.

Yamaguchi, who entered Machida’s base, won 1-0 with Shunya Numata scoring the winning goal in the 80th minute when the match was scoreless. Iwate beat Mito 1-0 with Tsuyoshi Miyaichi scoring the winning goal just before the end. They have stopped their losing streak at 5 and are out of the relegation zone.

Takamitsu Tomiyama’s two goals helped Omiya to a comfortable 3-0 win over Kofu. Koki Morita’s 58th-minute goal put Tokyo V in a 1-point draw with Gunma. Akita vs. Tokushima ended in a scoreless draw as both teams failed to land a decisive blow.

Meiji Yasuda J2 league standings

■ Match data
Iwate vs. Mito
Chiba vs. Kanazawa
Tokyo V vs. Gunma
Machida vs. Yamaguchi
Yokohama FC vs. Tochigi
Kofu vs Omiya
Niigata vs. Ryukyu
Akita versus Tokushima
Okayama versus Yamagata
Nagasaki vs. Kumamoto
Oita versus Sendai

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