Russia’s energy industry in danger of collapsing due to Putin’s blunder Advanced Western technology is essential for mining, and Sakhalin can no longer provide it? (1/11) | JBpress

Western advanced technology is indispensable for mining and Sakhalin cannot be supplied?

Putin’s blunder will undoubtedly leave a big mark on Russia (Eastern Economic Forum, September 7, Photo: Representative Photo/Reuters/Aflo)

Prologue/Drift Putin Russia

The “Putin Russia”, commanded by Russian President V. Putin, 69, embarked on a journey without a compass to an unknown destination, leaving Russia’s national strategy and energy policy adrift.

It is currently unknown where the “Putin Russia” will arrive and drift, which dreamed of reviving the former Soviet Union and sailed without a compass.

But the rats have already started running away, like the first to escape from a sinking ship.

You could run out of food while drifting, and you could get stranded or end up on a desert island.

Like the battleship Bounty, it is possible that in the near future there will be a mutiny on board.

When Putin became the new Russian president in May 2000, his slogan wasBuilding a strong RussiaWhendictatorship of lawhas been.

The Russian President went from a weak President B. Yeltsin to a strong President Putin, and the Russian people had high hopes for President Putin’s election.

The author, then stationed in Sakhalin (formerly Kafuto) and involved in the field in the “Sakhalin-1” project, expected Russia to change with the arrival of the new president.

Twenty-two years later, on February 24, Russia launched a military invasion of Ukraine.

Therefore,Become aware of the weakness of RussiaWhenpresidential personal dictatorshipPresident Putin has personally harmed Russia’s national interests.

What can I say other than the irony of history?

President Putin is destroying Russia’s national interests

In this article, I would like to predict how President Putin harms Russia’s national interests and what will happen to Russia in the future, using my dogmatic, bias-based and imaginative predictions.

I believe Putin has crossed three Rubicons.

The first Rubicon is the Russian-Ukrainian border, the second Rubicon uses the gas pipeline (P/L) as a political tool, and the third Rubicon violates the laws of the Russian Federation by presidential decree.

For more than 50 years, the former Soviet Union and the new Russian Federation have ensured a stable supply of natural gas as reliable sources of natural gas for large European gas consumers.

But it is natural. For the former Soviet Union and the new Russian Federation to establish a position as a reliable supplier of oil and gasnational interestThat was it.

However, Russian President Putin lost in one day the trust that the former Soviet Union and the new Russian Federation had built over the past 50 years.

literally,”Fifty years since the construction of the castle, one day since its fall“became.

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